Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Gedanke Experimentieren #2

In case anyone is curious, here's my solution to the Sedna challenge:

After one lousy proton torpedo down one stupid unshielded vent shaft blew the main reactor to hell and gone and the resulting outrush of superheated gasses instantly cremated the crew and oxidized the outer hull, the remainder of the slowly tumbling hulk drifted out of the system, on a long, cold orbit that would not bring it back to Endor until many millennia had passed and the cause for which so many had fought and died was long since forgotten. Deep in the Death Star's memory banks, though, the targeting parameters remained encoded, and fire control droid R4124C still remembered his final orders...

Now, as for this week's challenge: I was going to offer up the true story of Erzsébet Báthory, the 16th century Hungarian countess who became obsessed with the belief that bathing in the fresh blood of virgins -- and later, drinking the blood of the especially pretty and rich ones -- would restore her youthful beauty and help her land a second husband. By her own account she personally killed at least 612 girls (and no, it didn't help her looks any), for which crimes all her servants and helpers were executed in 1611 and she herself was walled up inside her own torture chamber, where she reputedly survived for another three years before finally ceasing to make noise in 1614.

Like I said, I was going to offer up this topic, but a few minutes of cursory web research indicate that Countess Báthory already has quite an enormous fan following amongst the more sick and revolting parts of the Goth community, and I don't want to contribute anything to promoting that.

Ergo, it's Open Mic Night on Tuesday morning! Anyone have a raw (eeuw, bad word choice!) idea for the next writing challenge?