Friday, April 01, 2005

How to Write Good

How to Write Dialogue: Just what it says.
Point of View: First person? Third person? What works when, and why.
Riding the Third Person Limited: Suggestions for learning how to write in 3rd person.
Naming Your Characters: Beyond picking random victims from the phone book.
Conflict and Character: Create dramatic tension without whining!
Help! My Characters are Revolting! What to do when your characters start talking back to you.
What to Write When: Sometimes it makes sense to start at the ending.
Collaboration: Pathway to success or to a shaved head and public humiliation?
Venue: When and where do you write best?
Vision: Without my glasses, my eyes are just useless green decorations on my face.
Computers: What's the best computer for a writer? Let the Holy Wars begin...