Friday, April 01, 2005

Market Lists and Other Useful Resources Bullfinch for the 21st Century!
The Postmodernism Generator: Boy, this would have made college a breeze. A peculiar idea generator.
Paula Fleming's Market List
Ralan's Market List
Robert Sawyer's List of Useful Links
F&SF: The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction's list of resouces for writers.
Speculations Magazine & Writer's Resources
Clarion ex Machina: The Clarion Workshop's List of Resources for SF Writers.
SFWA: The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America
Fantastic Fiction: A U.K. source for info on just about every writer publishing in the English language.
Backspace: The Writer's Place If you're wondering what agents say to each other when you're not around.
Analog SF Magazine
Asimov's SF Magazine
Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine
Tor Books