Thursday, August 09, 2007

Previews of Coming Attractions

Okay, this goes against my grain. I had a planned progression I intended to follow as I developed "Vox Day and Me," but since some of you apparently have Internet attention spans, I'm going to tip my hand and show you just a few of my cards.

"Vox Day, Writer," did not spring full-grown from the brow of Zeus. He is in significant part the product of a network of friends and connections — and mistakes — I have made over the course of the past twenty-five or more years.

Without Rebel Moon, there would be no "War in Heaven" series. And without Dafydd ab Hugh, there would be no Rebel Moon. Dafydd runs the Big Lizards blog. If you like Vox's writing, you really owe it to yourself to check out Dafydd's blog.

Vox and I first got to know each other because of Headcrash. Without Joel Rosenberg, and to a lesser extent William Quick, there would probably be no Headcrash. In addition to being a bestselling fantasy writer, Joel is one of America's foremost authorities on concealed carry. If you care about this issue, check out Joel's blog.

Similarly, Bill Quick is the host of Daily Pundit, and he is the guy who named it the blogosphere. Bill's site is a bit slow-loading and chaotic for my tastes, but he is the godfather of us all. If you are looking for good political commentary, check it out.

Finally, this entire cascade of causality all has its point of origin in 1989, in Keith Laumer's BOLO, and in the biggest C.L.M. of modern literary history, which if you've been following the story so far I am just about to make.

And with that said, you're just going to have to hang tight, and trust me a little longer...