Sunday, November 23, 2008

WCA Reminder

Just a reminder that the weekly meeting of Were-Creatures Anonymous will be held at 7pm Central time this evening. All Friends of Lon are invited to share fellowship, conversation, and non-sanguinary beverages.

We'd like to emphasize that WCA Meetings are open to the public, and while each weekly meeting typically has a featured speaker, all attendees are invited to participate in the often very lively commentary session that follows the presentation.

Special Note: In recognition of the coming Thanksgiving Holiday, we will be having our traditional annual joint meeting and outdoor banquet with the Mexican-American Were-Jaguars Anonymous in the picnic pavilion in Joseph McCarthy Memorial Park, across the street from the Rampant Loon Media Empire Building. As a special Thanksgiving treat, our friends at Rampant Loon have arranged for sixty live turkeys to be air-dropped onto the pavilion at the end of the meeting.

Happy hunting!