Friday, December 26, 2008

The Friday Challenge - 12/26/08

Not surprisingly, it was a lean week for entries in the 12/19/08 Friday Challenge. As of the deadline we have three contestants.

Henry, "Joy to the World - A Christmas Retail Rant"

Passinthrough, "A Christmas Rant"

Torainfor, "Weekly Challenge: Christmas Rant"

As always, even if you didn't submit an entry you're invited to read, comment on, and vote for your favorites, with the winner to be announced Sunday evening (planned), or possibly Monday (probable).

Now, as for this week's Friday Challenge: as certainly as night follows day, taxes follow money, or attorneys follow ambulances, the appropriate follow-up to a Christmas-themed challenge can only be a New Year's Eve-themed challenge. That's what we're looking for this week: your best — or most embarassing, your choice — true, semi-true, or entirely made-up story about your most unforgettable New Year's Eve ever.

Only, to make this more of a challenge, I want you to tell the story in either second- or third-person, as if you were (or are) an outside party observing yourself during the course of the events in question.

As always, we're playing by the ever-changing rules of the Friday Challenge, and playing for whatever is behind Door #2. The deadline for this challenge is midnight Central time, Thursday, January 1, 2009, which, as many of you have no doubt already noticed, is 24 hours after the next New Year's Eve.

So if you don't have any unforgettable New Year's Eve memories already in stock, relax. There's still plenty of time to make entirely new ones!