Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Proper Care and Feeding of Writers

Sailor Kenshin suggests: "Let's talk about FOOD!"

There's a wonderful old New Yorker cartoon that I've been having no luck finding online. It shows a man sitting at a typewriter, with a most remarkable look on his face, while a woman is standing next to him, holding a plate, on which sits a sandwich. The woman is speaking and the caption goes something like this:
"Here's an idea for a story. Dick and Linda live on Long Island, on the sound. Dick works 14 hours a day writing fiction. Linda never goes anywhere, never does anything except make Dick sandwiches, and in the end she becomes a nympho-lesbo-killer whore. Here's your sandwich."

Writers are widely known as being an unhealthy, generally overweight lot, and in large share this is because we have a tendancy to munch junk food while writing. I, for example, have the habit of guzzling Dr. Pepper and stuffing my face with Nacho Cheese Doritos while writing, and have destroyed many a keyboard with spilled pop or coffee. (Real cheese nachos, of course, should kept as far as humanly possible from your computer, as should greasy anchovy pizza. Trust me on these points.)

What's your favorite comfort food to eat while you're writing? Alternately, what's your best food-in-the-keyboard horror story?