Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Venue: Writers & Coffee Shops

Because a couple of people have asked: I blog daily, Monday through Friday, and post at 7am local time. I do read every reader comment that is posted on my site, though generally not until fairly late in the evening. Weekends belong to my family: I don't write for the blog and usually don't even read the comments until late Sunday night. I've given up trying to game Feedblitz; I write best in the morning, but Feedblitz generates its feed at around midnight, so the email feed is always going to be one day behind. C'est le guerre.

When I skip a weekday, it's not because I've run out of hot air -- if anything, I've got a large backlog of topics in the wings -- but because I've run out of time, as I'm in the process of doing right now. And with that said, here's the item I meant to post yesterday:

Lattes and Laptops

Here's an interesting one from the St. Paul Pioneer Press: a lengthy article about writers who write in coffee shops. On the one hand it's an interesting subcultural snapshot (and comes with two nice sidebar articles on where to find good coffee shops and wifi hotspots in St. Paul); on the other, I personally find it interesting that it was written by movie critic Chris Hewitt, and not book critic Mary Ann Grossman. But on the gripping hand, the article mentions quite a few writers by name: Sharyn Morrow, Theresa Alberti, Judith Yates Borger, Suzy Rogers...

Not to be rude, but have any of you heard of any of these people? Read anything by them? Can recommend any titles by them? Writers seem to fall into two categories: those who are known for being writers and for talking about what they're writing (or hoping to write, or intending to write), and those who are known for what they've written and had published. Anyone know which category the folks mentioned in this article fall into?