Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's so cold in Minnesota...

We're having an extended subzero cold snap now, and while that's nothing remarkable for Minnesota, it does once again bring some things to my attention. This is the time of year when, instead of whipping into the parking lot at work, people very carefully back their cars into the parking stalls, so that they'll be easier to jump-start later if the need arises. Along with that, this is the time of year when no one wants to be the last to leave in the evening, for fear of needing a jump start and being unable to find one. (In Minnesota, you haven't officially taught your teenager how to drive until they're able to hook up jumper cables correctly.)

Or here's a lowbrow science experiment you *can* do at home. 1.) Bring water to a boil. 2.) Pour some boiling water in a cup. 3.) Take it outside. 4.) Fling the water in the air. (Taking care to hang onto the cup and fling the water *away* from anyone's face.) 5.) Watch it turn into a cloud of snow before it hits the ground!

Sunday night, we also rediscovered the principle that if you put the beer out on the deck to cool it down, you'd better keep an eye on it, because bottles turn to beersicles very quickly. More entertainingly, it seems the pressure keeps the beer liquid, and when you crack the cap and relieve the pressure, what appeared to be a bottle of liquid instantly becomes a bottle of ice.

How about you? Got a favorite cold-weather story?