Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Recommended Reading: Snow Blind by P.J. Tracy

Since I'm not even managing to keep up to my proposed schedule of one new post weekly, Esmerelda has kindly offered up this guest book review. Enjoy!

Are you in the mood for something mysterious, kind of creepy, and starring the famous Minnesota Winter? Then Snow Blind by P. J. Tracy is the cup of tea your brain has been looking for.

We have the familiar elements from the first three books, MonkeeWrench, Live Bait, and Dead Run — namely the MonkeeWrench computer hackers and a couple of Minneapolis PD cops — and then the Tracys throw in a few new aspects: a community for abused women, a small town with a new sheriff, and some dead bodies in encased in snowmen. Whether this is a good way to show off your murder or a clever way to make sure the recently deceased isn't found until Spring depends on how wet the snow is when you start, and then whether you've left the snowman on a frozen lake in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of a field during a children's snowman-building contest!

Snow Blind has lots of clues, and they point off in a million different directions. Serial killer? Copycat killings? Yeti? The Tracys seem to delight in keeping you two steps away from the answer, and I for one am happy to keep guessing right up until the end.