Sunday, July 27, 2008

And the winner is...

We had a hard time picking the winner this week. Daughter #3 decided to help out and that just made the judging more contentious.

Henry, thank you. Everyone in the room knew exactly when she hit paragraph 3 of your entry from the very loud, "Ee-yuw!" Well done.

Bane, nice job, in a very dark kind of way. Very reminiscent of Orson Scott Card's famous visit from his future grandson. Wish I could find a link to that right now. There's another story here that you need to write.

Ben-El, we just didn't know what to make of this one. The focus seems awfully blurry and with the references to other posts and letters, it wasn't self-contained. This either requires a larger context to work or needs to be more focused, I'm not sure which.

Rigel: on the other hand yours is too focused, and yet you somehow evade a decision. You can afford to stretch out and go longer.

Kremben: similar issue as Ben-El, cross-pollinated with Rigel. You make some very good points, but kind of meander between them. As opposed to Rigel, your letter would benefit from one more editing pass, to tighten and focus.

So while I was disappointed that not one of you came up with Polonius's speech from Hamlet, Act I, Scene 3, in the end we were down to rycamor and Passin Through. I was partial to rycamor's, because it just drips with authentic father/child sentiment, but Daughter #3 and Karen both picked Passin Through's, because it was so clearly and tightly focused. Ergo, in the end —

The judges called it a split decision. Passin Through and rycamor, come on down and claim your prizes.

Now, as for the current Friday Challenge, the topic is the tech support guy (or gal) who saved the world, and the deadline is midnight, Thursday, July 31.

Sneak preview: And while I'm not totally committed to this one, I think the 8/1/08 Friday Challenge will be something that can be summed up in this title: "The Cold Equations II: Donner's Planet."