Sunday, November 16, 2008

And the winner is...

After re-reading the entries in the 11/7/08 Friday Challenge, taking into account your opinions, counting the votes, recounting the votes, and then trying to reinterpret the voters' intentions but still coming up with the same results, the winner is —

Oh, I'm going to regret this.

Knarf, for "Inauguration Day." It's a silly, light, fluffy Twinkie of a story that I don't think will age well, but there you have it.

Vidad, I liked yours, but it was too obvious too early where it was going, and besides, you won last week. Henry, I liked yours as well and there are some clever ideas there, but it just seemed a little too drawn out and slow-paced to make the gag work. Your writing for Curse of the Were-Weasel is tighter, better.

Snowdog, I was really drawn to yours and wanted to pick it, but it was just a little too dark and realistic for my tastes this week and Henry and Rycamor concurred. So the award goes to — I can't say it.

Look, just for reference, "Knarf," or "KN@RF," or any of his many other names, holds the all-time record for being banned from the Ranting Room for lewd comments, poor taste, and insulting behavior. And now he's gone and won a Friday Challenge.

Boy, is he going to be insufferable.