Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Dispatches from the Edge of Nowhere

Blogging will be a bit light this week, as I'm actually off on vacation in Outer Cedar Bog, Wisconsin. The place isn't quite as I remember: there's now an Internet cafe right across the street from the Tacky Little Shop That Sells Faux Indian Crafts (hence this blogbit), the local grocery now carries a good assortment of sushi and Pad Thai noodles, and Northwoods Bait & Tackle has been replaced by Darling's Lingerie, Sex Toys, and XXX DVDs.

I did bring along my laptop, and the most determined of intentions to get some writing in. Re ZZTop's question about scriptwriting, I actually have two complete scripts with me, and re Bartleby's question about just what I'm trying to do here, I have been giving it serious intentions to think seriously about it.

But right now we're off on a week-long exploration of the mysteries of Boys and Dogs; of Fathers and Sons and Fish and Frogs; and somehow it just wound up seeming more important to spend yesterday afternoon swimming with The Kid and Pyropuppy, and yesterday evening sitting out on the dock with my wife, watching the Perseids. (See the Perseid Meteor Shower! Playing all this week in a sky near you!)

So, more comments to come soon.

But not today.