Friday, November 18, 2005

Help Needed

Zarlox Hargman writes:
hey dude, i read ur story "Cyberpunk" in the PDF format. I was stuck with reading the shorter 10-page one 'till i foudn ur full story. Your story is one of the few i was willing to read, im not really up to many books, and i prefer movies
The beginning was great, but then i was disappoitned as most of your story tells about the stupid military academy, i was hoping the story would be about Mike's gang and how everything turns out later. But then i realize your story wasnt "Cyberpunk science fiction" as Will Gibson is the one who invented that.
I dont know what was up with all the military crap 0_o, we know how assholes officials are to turn all those cool kids who finally say "F.U pal" to authority, into lil robots and send em into war to get shot. And ur Mikey Harris character is a good example.
Is there a sequel or a continuing to your story? I heard you say "if you think this is good and would like to continue the plot, u can buy it here." So ur sequel that I buy is a SEQUEL to the cyb3punk.pdf, right? If so, i might buy it.
Also, did u draw any pics of ur characters?
What does Rayno look like?
What do the other characters look like?
Is Payne black? *snicker*
I have a picture that someone suggested to me perfectly portrays ur characters. A profile shot of the Androids from 'Dragon Ball Z' with the blondie lookin like Lisa, Android#17 as Mike, Android#16 as Rayno and Dr.Gero as Mr.Hansen.
P.S. u kept sayin in ur story how they used "Microportables" to do their crackin. Microportables as in Laptops? You wrote the book in 1980 right? Ur tellin me that shit existed way back then? lol I dont even trust they work nowadays without malfunctioning.
Aaand.. Mike jacked his Dads bank account with a laptop... WIRELESS?! Tell me these were just wild ideas back in 1980 that came true now.

Why, yes, of course, that's absolutely right.

(Bethke turns, beckons to translator. "Psst! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!")