Tuesday, August 01, 2006

To re-up or not to re-up, Part 2

The idea persists that joining SFWA somehow gives you special insider access to publishers. There may be some truth to this, but I've never seen it demonstrated. The market information in the SFWA Bulletin generally lags months behind the various writer's websites, and the closed, by-invitation-only anthologies remain closed to all but the close friends of the editors. Very few cattle calls go out to the general membership, and those that do are usually like this one, which arrived in the email yesterday:
Best Fantastic Erotica contest

Deadline: 15 August 2006

Circlet Press is currently running the second annual Best Fantastic Erotica contest, seeking short stories of erotic science fiction and fantasy. The contest bears a $5 entry fee, but editor Cecilia Tan is waiving the fee for all current SFWA members. Just be sure to print "SFWA member" on your manuscript or mention it in your cover letter. The contest seeks sex-positive sf/f stories that are erotic in nature, sex must be integral to the story (preferably explicit), and which break new ground (please avoid cliches and overdone ideas). Hardcopy submissions only. The complete guidelines can be found at http://www.circlet.com.

Circlet Press, Inc.
1770 Mass. Ave. #278
Cambridge, MA 02140

I should also mention that SFWA does sell its mailing list, and while the rising cost of postage was reduced the volume in recent years, putting your name on the SFWA mailing list will guarantee you a considerable volume of junk mail.