Friday, October 19, 2007

The Friday Challenge

Okay, I'm calling it. The winner by default of last week's Friday Challenge is Guy Stewart, because Knarf is under a permanent lifetime ban and he knows why. Guy, you know what to do.

This week, in recognition of the missed opportunity that is Star Trek XI, your challenge is: Given that CBS/Paramount wants to reboot the franchise, describe the Starfleet Academy film they should be making.

Starfleet Academy? You mean like, Police Academy? Or Animal House?

Yes, I mean exactly that. It's the 23rd Century. There's a whole new universe out there. And the question on everyone's mind is: what kind of trouble are those wacky guys in the Gamma Delta Hydra frat house and those naughty hotties in the Ceti Alpha Six sorority getting into this time?
Example: It's Pledge Week at the academy, and those wacky mooks in Gamma House have conspired with the Cetis to smuggle in two barrels of Romulan ale for their kegger! But lovable lush Scottie decides to "sample" the brew before the party, drinks an entire keg by himself, and winds up passed-out face down on the living room couch, so in retaliation crazy pre-med student "Big Bone" McCoy uses his magical medical whatchamajiggy thing to seal Scottie's anus shut!
Anyway, I think you get the idea. It may be the 23rd century, but we can safely assume that college students will still be college students. As always, there will be suitably appropriate prize(s), with the winner(s) to be announced next Friday. So, on your mark; get set: TOGA!