Friday, January 11, 2008

The Friday Challenge: 1/11/08

Okay, it's pretty clear that the winner of last week's Friday Challenge is AJW308. When even Bane concedes that he has been bested, there's little room left to argue. AJW308, contact me to claim your prize.

Now, as for this week's Friday Challenge: what I'm looking for is your best rant about modern life here in the early 21st century that does not involve presidential politics, illegal aliens, homosexuality, or "kids these days." What is the one thing you really miss about The Way Things Used To Be, or the one thing you know is really a relic of the last century but still hope never goes away entirely? If that doesn't trigger an idea, how about a few words on something that some old sci-fi writer predicted we'd have by now and totally missed the boat on, or some thoughts about the one thing you really wish we did have by now? (I mean, dang it, here it is the 21st century, so where's my flying car?)

As always, the contest will be judged by the somewhat relaxed rules for the Friday Challenge, with prizes to be awarded next Friday according to the principles enshrined behind Door #2. Think it over, and scribble something if you can. Either post your entry in the Comments for this blog item or, in accordance with the precedent recently established by AJW308, send me the file, and I'll PDF and post it for all to see.

Even if you're not writing an entry, you're encouraged to read, comment on, and vote for your favorites among the other entries. So relax, let your imagination off the leash, and remember: the Prime Directive here is to have fun.

Now get writing!