Monday, December 24, 2007

And the winner is —

Okay, the winner of the most recent Friday Challenge is DaveD. A good idea, well-written, with a great opening line, and an all-around pleasure to read. (If I was editing it for publication I'd cut the initial rhetorical question and answer and begin with, "I don't know when the idea of public spaces vs privates spaces died out but it must have been a brutal killing.") DaveD, click here to claim your prize.

To everyone else who participated: thanks! There were some great ideas in there, although not all were as fully developed or well-polished as DaveD's, so this gives me a new idea. Normally I'm reluctant to tip my hand, but this time I'm going to flash it around for all to see. The January 11, 2008 Friday Challenge will be for your next best rant about life here in the 21st century. You have two weeks to think about it and start working on it. Beginning Friday, 1/11/08, you can begin posting your rants or commenting on and voting for other's posts, with judgement to be rendered on Friday, 1/18/08.

Again, thanks to everyone who participated, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with given a little more time to prepare.