Friday, November 23, 2007

The Friday Challenge

For this week's Friday Challenge we embrace the spirit of the season, and for specific inspiration turn to that well-loved fantasy classic, Bored of The Rings:
At that moment there was a commotion at the head table, where Frito should have been sitting as a guest of honor. Uncle Dildo was standing on his bench and making motions for quiet, wishing to make his after-dinner speech. After a flurry of jeers and the knocking together of a few heads, every fuzzy, pointed ear and glass eye strained to catch what Dildo had to say.

My fellow boggies, he said, my fellow Poops and Peristalts, Barrelgutts and Hangbellies, Needlepoints, Liverflaps, and Nosethingers. (Nosefingers! corrected an irate drunk, who, true to his family name, had it jammed into his nostril to the fourth joint.)

I hope you have all stuffed yourselves until you are about to be sick...
Ah yes, I do indeed. But by now you've presumably had time to sleep off that typtophan buzz and are up, moving, and eager to tackle this week's Friday Challenge. Ready?

This week, in honor of the holiday — in the U.S., it's Thanksgiving, but those of you who celebrate other holidays may substitute the festive event of your choice, provided it involves getting together with family members you rarely see and gorging yourself into a torpor — we're looking for The Best Thanksgiving Dinner Story Ever.

No, not the nicest one, or the most heartwarming one, or anything easy like that. We're looking for the story that will be whispered about within your family for years to come; like the time my soon-to-be-ex- sister-in-law, having little impulse control to start with and apparently one glass of wine too many, started talking very loudly at the dinner table about how much she really enjoyed —

Never mind, I'll save that one for next Friday. But in the meantime, that's your challenge. Ready? Set? Go!

As always, we're playing for your choice of either a signed copy of Rebel Moon or what's behind door #2. Winner to be announced next Friday — except that in an unplanned warpage of the rules, I'm also extending the deadline for last week's Friday challenge, because I'm not seeing a clear winner yet. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.