Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Friday Challenge Came on Sunday This Week

Sorry about last week, folks. I got into First Rule Situation with a double-scoop of deadline crunch at work, and then had to go on an ad hoc road trip. November promises more of them same: I've got two more major deadlines coming up at work, three more road trips already on the docket with a fourth possible, and while I do have a certain temptation to take my shiny new laptop along and see if my new wi-fi card is really as good as advertised, I have a much stronger temptation to leave it at home.

All of which is to say that blogging will continue to be light and sporadic in November.

As for last week's Friday Challenge: as disappointed as I am that not one of you remembered Finnegan —

You know, Finnegan, from the classic Trek episode, "Shore Leave," which was written by none other than Theodore Sturgeon? Remember now? That obnoxious Irish upper classman who made Jim's life at Starfleet Academy a living hell? The guy who was so rough on Kirk that when the Enterprise got to The Planet Where A Hidden Alien Gizmo Makes Your Deepest Fantasies Come True, it turned out Kirk's deepest fantasy was not the one about that hot babe he'd left behind long ago, but the one about beating the snot out of Finnegan?

Ah, never mind. The winner of last week's contest was clearly Boz by a wide margin. Boz, contact me to arrange delivery of your prize.

For this week's contest, I was trying to come up with some kind of story based off Paris Hilton's recent announcement that she's arranged to have herself cryogenically preserved, so that she will remain beautiful forever. Nothing really came together, though, so we'll move on to the next idea, which is that this, in some jurisdictions, is the week of Halloween. (In other jurisdictions, sadly, Halloween is now deemed too offensive or frightening or whatever to be allowed, so this is the week of the Fall Celebration, or the Harvest Fiesta, or in St. Paul, I kid you not, The Great Pumpkin Festival.) So what we're looking for this week is a good, fun, possibly mildly scary Halloween (or Fall, or Harvest, etc., etc.) story.

Preferably involving the frozen corpse of Paris Hilton.