Saturday, November 17, 2007

Road Trip!

So I'm sitting here in a noisy, toddler-infested coffee shop in Nevermindwhere, checking my email, checking on the bookstore biz — K sold two books overnight — even jumped on the VPN and forwarded my office phone to my cell phone, which is something I forgot to do before I left town last night.

This wired world thing is so cool. I am having so much fun with my shiny new laptop, mostly revolving around firing it up at unusual times and in unusual places and seeing who's got an unsecured wifi router that I can tap. Boy, are there a *lot* of 'em around. Heh heh heh...

Life is so different from when I first started out in the business, schlepping around an Apple II in an Anvil case and calling it portable. There were Osbornes, KayPros, a Sanyo portable the size and weight of a Singer sewing machine, a NEC MultiSpeed which served me well and faithfully until the day it got strip-searched in the San Diego airport and never fully recovered from the trauma. And now there's this sleek and shiny new beast.

Still, every now and then, something brings you up short. Last night I tried to text-message an old friend to let him know I was coming into town. The message bounced because it turned out that I was trying to send it to a desktop phone on a land line! A land line? What's that? Who uses those any more?