Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Challenge Update 1/18/08

I've been fighting off the mother of all head colds this week, but this morning she launched a surprise attack on a new front and claimed total victory. This has also turned out to be a very exciting week for the Friday Challenge, but I'm way too fuzzy-headed right now to render judgement, so instead, here's a bunch of links.

The original challenge was posted here. Vidad MaGoodn and Ben-El posted entries in the Comments section, here, but I thought Vidad's was good enough to pull out into its own post, which you'll find here, and ever since everyone else has been posting their entries in the Comments for that post, here — except for Henry Vogel, cartusiae, and rycamor, whose entries were too big to fit into Haloscan, and so are posted at their respective links. (And we now know something new and important about Haloscan, too, which suggests that this process requires a little more fine-tuning.)

Meanwhile, with your kind permission, I'm going to slurp another cup of lemon tea, take some more Advil Cold & Sinus, and go back to bed. Let me know how the voting turns out.