Friday, February 08, 2008

The Friday Challenge: 2/8/08

Once again, it was really tough to pick a clear winner from among the entries posted in last week's Friday Challenge. Vidad, in case you didn't know it, David Hasselhoff is rebooting the "Knight Rider" TV series again and you really should get in touch with his people. WaterBoy, a good start, but I wish you'd spun it out longer. You've got good ideas; don't be afraid to stretch them a little further.

In the end we were down to choosing between Rachel and Giraffe again, and while Giraffe's entry definitely had the edge in creepiness, Rachel's was just ever so slightly better a story. After debating it back and forth for half an hour: Rachel, you're this week's winner, so come on down.

Now, as for this week's Friday Challenge, I'm going to redirect your attention to this article, which was posted a few days ago on the BBC World News website: Three-parent Embryo Formed in Lab. In the article, it describes how scientists at Newcastle University were able to create apparently viable human embryos using genetic material from a man and two different women.

In other words: in this case, Heather really does have two mommies.

And thus we have this week's challenge. It's a few years in the future; you're a freelance writer working for some publication whose nature you're free to define; and you are writing a review of the controversial new children's book: Heather Has Two Mommies, Three Daddies, A Pig's Spleen and a Baboon's Heart. What do you want to tell your readers about this book?

As always, we're playing by the somewhat informal rules of the Friday Challenge and playing for what's behind Door #2. You can enter by either posting your entry in Comments for this blogbit, posting it on your own site and then posting a link here, or sending me a file that I can PDF and post for all to see. If you don't feel like entering, you're still encouraged to comment on and vote for the other entries. Remember, the key concept here is to relax and have fun in a spirit of friendly competition.

And with that said; writers, take your mark. And... GO!