Thursday, August 07, 2008

Catching Up

Oops. The Curse of the Automatic Post strikes again. Disregard the post time-stamped 07:00 this morning; I never properly presented last week's Friday Challenge — haven't even announced the winner of the previous week's, come to think of it, even though I've been schlepping the entries around all week — so we may as well blow off this week's deadline. If you've actually written something; great, you'll get to use it next week. If not; you lucked out. Teacher's been busy so you get a reprieve.

And golly, have I been busy. Swamped with work, family-related stuff, and what has turned out to be The Pro Bono Project From The Deepest, Darkest, Stinking Depths of Hell. As a result the fun stuff, which includes blogging, has not merely taken a back seat; it's bound hand and foot and tossed into the trunk with a strip of duct tape over its mouth. I'm sorry to say the crush is not going to let up anytime soon, either, meaning blogging is going to continue to be light and variable until around Labor Day.

The pity is, I have so much to write about. For starters, there's this Great Moment in Page Layout, which appeared in the Washington County edition of yesterday's St. Paul Pioneer Press:

And many thanks to all of you who wrote to tell me the scandalous news that Obama has removed the American flag from the vertical stabilizer of his official campaign ObamaPlane, and replaced it with a strange glyph of his own devising:

What I'm surprised you missed, though, was the concurrent unveiling of his new personal symbol, along with the news that henceforth, he is only to be addressed as The Candidate Formerly Known As Obama:

Uh-oh, out of time, must dash. More later,