Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Living on the Web

Coupla items have come in over the broadband in the last few days and warrant further comment, but I have a Board of Directors meeting t'night and need to bash this off quickly.

Longtime readers know I'm a big fan of cartoonist Chris Muir and his daily web comic, Day by Day. Chris is running a fund-raiser on his site right now, because he's trying to make a living by doing this strip, and I mention this because I for one believe it is possible to enjoy his work, admire his chutzpah, and support his efforts while simultaneously thinking he's daft. Anyway, because I really enjoy the strip and want him to keep writing and drawing it, I'm in at the $40 level. How about you?

For reference, I'm also a fan of cartoonist Darrin Bell and his strip, Candorville. Darrin and I had an email dialog going there for a little while and I was hoping to get a column out of it, but then he found out I'm politically conservative or something and cut off contact. Sigh. And here I thought it was possible to admire someone's work and support their creativity without always agreeing with them.

Speaking of columns, JP Frantz over at SF Signal asked for my thoughts on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Since I had a little spare time and felt I had something to say on the subject, I first whipped out the rough draft of a much longer piece, and then cooked a few of the more salient points down to what I actually sent him. I'm told the piece is up on the SF Signal site now. If you have time, go check it out — and report back to me. I didn't have a lot of time to check out the SF Signal site in depth. What's it like?

For reference, I don't mind writing guest posts and such, provided I have the time, which is always in short supply. What sold me on writing this one for SF Signal is that Frantz didn't give me the hard sell, and try to convince me that this was an opportunity I simply could not afford to pass up because my words would be appearing on The #1 SF Fan Portal With Umpty-thousand Hits Daily! and all that. In comparison, the foremost loser in recent weeks was the guy who gave me the hard sell, stressing his site's high editorial standards, and then closing with his best pitch. Didn't I know, if I were to write for him and my piece was accepted, I would get a percentage of the Google Ad-Sense profits for that month!

Oh, boy. Give me some room, because I can't contain my excitement and I just might explode.

Finally, I just got a request for an interview the other day from Popular 1, "the best Spanish rock and roll magazine." Does anybody here know anything about this magazine? For that matter, can anyone here besides rycamor read spanish? Is this an interview I want to do?