Friday, August 15, 2008

The Friday Challenge - 8/15/08

Wow. Three and a half years of blogging. More than six hundred posts. More than fifty identifiable Friday Challenges—

To be honest, these numbers are vague because about two years ago I went on a housekeeping binge and deleted a lot of trivial, irrelevant, and/or redundant posts. The Friday Challenge per se is also a relatively recent addition to this site. It started out as the monthly Gedanke Experimentieren (German for, "no funding available"), progressed to being The Monday Challenge (which was a flop, participation-wise), and didn't settle down into the form we all know and love until roughly a year ago.

Nonetheless, a bit of spelunking through the archives produced this list of past challenges. I make no claim that it's complete. In fact, I can clearly remember a few that I can't seem to find now, much to my annoyance, so I must have either deleted them or given them weird names I'm unable to recognize now.

In any event, this list should do for a start. The list of known past challenges includes:

90377 Sedna
A wizard, a elf, and a dwarf walk into a tavern...
The old writer-sells-his-soul-for-success shtick
Welcome to the neighborhood
The organic supercomputer
Save the Guinea Worm!
The October Surprise
Casablanca: The Remake
The Strange Death of St. Teresa of Avila
The archaeology paper
Peter Punk
Remaking The Monolith Monsters
The Great Sci-Fi Pirate Story Challenge!
Starfleet Academy
A Halloween story, preferably involving the cryogenically preserved corpse of Paris Hilton
The Best Thanksgiving Dinner Story Ever
Die Hard: The NeXT Generation
Life in the 21st Century
Methane clathrate
Predators and Terminators vs. Aliens
The Squirrel Diet
Household appliances
Heather Has Two Mommies, Three Daddies, a Pig's Spleen and a Baboon's Heart
The worst job you ever had
The Lord of The Rings II: The Return of The One Ring
The Star Trek Death Scene You Always Wanted To See
Arfour's Complaint
The CSI PistolCam story
Hillary Clinton: Immortal Mighty Warrior Woman Battling Through Time
The attack of the Crazy Rasberry Ants
The Day The Televisions Died
The Friday Challenge Parody Song Contest
American Idolator
School's Out!
Bruce Wayne Meets Lex Luthor
Your best 4th of July / Fireworks story
A letter to a child born this year, to be delivered on his or her birthday in 2023
Your best rant about ecological catastrophe

As for this week's Friday Challenge: isn't it obvious? Today, we begin The Ranting Room's First Annual Ultimate Snowdogging Competition. Deadlines be damned! Any past topic from any previous Friday Challenge or its predecessors is fair game. Still have that great half-story from your failed stab at "Arfour's Complaint" lying around? This is your chance to dust it off and try again!

As always, we're playing by the hallowed rules of the Friday Challenge, and playing for what's behind Door #2. As for the deadline: shall we say Thursday, August 21? Or do you want until the 28th?