Friday, June 27, 2008

The Friday Challenge - 6/27/08

It took the usual last minute rush, but we ended up with five six* entries for the 6/20/08 Friday Challenge. In the order received, they are from:

Rigel Kent

Read 'em, enjoy, feel free to comment on and vote for your favorites, and we'll announce a winner on Sunday night. And because it has been asked: yes, your votes do factor into determining the winner — but in the end, final authority and judgment is vested in the hands of She Who Sponsors The Contest.

* Snowdog's extremely late entry has been admitted under the Spanish Inquisition rule. See, "No One Ever Expects the Spanish Inquisition," by Python, M., for further explication.

Now, as for this week's Friday Challenge: given that next Friday is Independence Day, a great American holiday dedicated to celebrating our independence from Great Britain by observing the traditions of eating greasy burnt picnic food, insulting the French and forgetting how much they helped us, and setting off cheaply made Chinese low explosives while consuming large quantities of chilled alcoholic beverages, we're looking for your best Fourth of July and/or fireworks-related story.

Tell us about the time your best friend Vern accidentally burned off his eyebrows. Tell us why the neighbor's cat went to its grave never trusting your big brother again, or about the time Uncle Bucky accidentally demolished the outhouse with a Roman candle. Tell us about the time you decided to thrill the kids by starting the charcoal grill with a little black-powder squib, but slightly overestimated the charge required, resulting in a profound FOOOOMP!, an honest-to-God mushroom cloud, and the near-instant distribution of flaming charcoal briquettes over an area roughly thirty feet in diameter, thus drawing far more attention from strangers than you really wanted.

Oh, wait, scratch that last one. That's my story.

Anyway, that's the challenge. As always, we're playing by the as-yet-unwritten rules of the Friday Challenge — it's not that they're a mystery; I've just been too lazy to write them down — and playing for whatever is behind Door #2. The deadline for entries, is midnight Central time, Thursday, July 3, with entries to be posted for review and comments on Friday, July 4, and a winner to be announced on Sunday, July 6.

So, ready? Then light the fuse and run for cover!