Sunday, June 22, 2008

And the winner is...

Interesting Friday Challenge this week — I mean to us, as we judged it. We had four very different entries this time around. They were from:

Vidad: Yours was transcendently weird, but that wasn't enough to win, this time.

Sean: I liked yours a lot. It had a great Golden Age feel to it, very much like the old Batman comics from the 1940s or early 1950s. A deranged barber who takes up a life of crime as "The Follicle" would have fit right in with all the deranged watchmakers, deranged tailors, and deranged subway conductors Batman routinely fought in those days. Good concept.

Henry: Brilliant. Simply brilliant, hilarious, and probably good enough to get you banned from DC for life. It was really hard to not pick this one, but then you do have a certain unfair advantage in that you're a pro and you've done comic books scripts before.

Rigel Kent: So in the end we picked Rigel's entry, because it was dark, creepy, clever, and took the idea in a direction that we never anticipated. Karen particularly liked the idea that no matter how smart, tough, and nasty Lex thought he was, Bruce Wayne was always one step ahead of him, and when required, even tougher and nastier. Ergo, Rigel, you're this week's winner, so come on down and claim your prize.

Now, don't forget, the deadline for the next Friday Challenge is this Thursday, and we're looking for stories about carnivals.