Sunday, June 08, 2008

Friday Challenge Update

Urgh. Just back from a long road trip. The primary objective of the trip was achieved yesterday afternoon and a wonderful time was had by all, but then a remarkably nasty storm system moved into the area yesterday evening, followed by a second one today, resulting in a chaos of flooded and washed out roads and canceled and diverted flights. So trying to get #1 Daughter to the airport and onto some combination of flight connections that would get her back to her home, before getting ourselves onto the road for our own day-long drive to our home, turned out to be a memorable and exhausting adventure.

And with that as some explanation for why this is getting posted so late, the winner of the 5/30/08 Friday Challenge is WaterBoy. Ben-El, your entry was funny and creative but too much of an insider joke, and Henry, I'm pleased by the way you developed a complete and very good little story out of a pretty thin idea, but in the end, it was WaterBoy's entry that made us chuckle* the most.

So WaterBoy, come on down! And everyone, don't forget the 06/06/08 Friday Challenge, which ends this Thursday!

* Or perhaps it was a rictus of horror, at the thought of Adam Sandler starring in a remake of Oh God!

Speaking of horror, I have a question. By some weird coincidence we wound up spending a few days at the same hotel as a bunch of horror movie actors who were in-town for some convention where they were promoting their merch and various video wares. I wouldn't have noticed this except that one of them was the unforgettable Michael Berryman, and apparently our stomachs were on the same schedule as we kept running into him in the hotel restaurant.

What's the proper etiquette in this situation? I tend to operate by Los Angeles Rules, under which one is expected to politely ignore the recognizable movie actor/actress at the next table unless said actor/actress is clearly begging for attention, but outside of L.A., do actors/actresses appreciate being recognized? What's been your experience?