Friday, May 23, 2008

The Friday Challenge - 5/23/08

Okay, here are the entries in the 5/16/08 Friday Challenge. As always, you're encouraged to read, comment on, and vote for your favorites, and the winner will be announced on Sunday, 5/25/08.

First up, Ben-El has accomplished something truly remarkable, in writing an entire 4,250 word short-story in the form of a sequence of HaloScan comments. Given our recent misadventures with HaloScan, though, and even while the @*&#$ed thing seems to be behaving itself today, I've taken the liberty of extracting Ben-El's posts, concatenating them, and creating a pdf file of the story. Download and enjoy.

Similary, WaterBoy submitted his entry as an emailed file, which I've converted to a pdf file and posted. Download and enjoy.

Henry's entry is posted on his blog, and therefore immune to my HaloScan problems. We hope.

Snowdog's entry is also posted on his blog, and the same applies.

Sean both emailed me his entry as a PDF file, which is posted on my website, and posted a link on his blog. One of these links is bound to work.

At just about the last minute, Vidad submitted another entry in the form of YouTube media file. I haven't had time to test this link yet. Let me know if it works.

And finally, at "Hey, my clock said 11:57," KTown submitted this short but sweet entry. I'm going to tempt fate and hope that this HaloScan link continues to work correctly.

And with all of that said: read, enjoy, and we'll announce the winner on Sunday!

Next up, here's the 5/23/08 Friday Challenge. Because of the holiday and the short week, we're tossing out a fairly lightweight one this time, and announcing the first ever—

Friday Challenge Parody Song Contest

That's who we're looking for this week: the next Weird Al Yankovic! Take a song, any song — it can be one you love, or one you've always wanted to do horrible things to — and write a new set of lyrics for it. They can be innocently funny, deeply political, topical or contemporary; they can be just about anything, so long as they rhyme and fit the music. And no, you don't have to perform your song; we're looking for pure lyric talent.

As always, we're playing by the remarkably relaxed rules of the Friday Challenge, and playing for whatever's behind Door #2. The deadline for entries is midnight Central time, Thursday, 5/29/08

Preview of Coming Attractions: In return for an easy one this week, we're going to go a little over the top next week, so it only seems fair to give you advance warning. The 5/30/08 Friday Challenge will be to write an article about that hot new televised talent competition that everyone's talking about—

American Idolator!

You know, the show where representatives of 16 oddball sects and cults face off before a live audience and a panel of celebrity judges, to compete for the honor of being named this year's One True Faith?!

There, that ought to get some ideas perking...