Monday, June 02, 2008

The Friday Challenge - 5/30/08

Yeah, I know, it's actually Monday, June 2, but I had to call it this to keep the naming consistent so I could find it later. And before we get around to announcing the winner of the 5/23 Friday Challenge, I want to take this opportunity to remind you one more time that I am the guy who hated Prince's demo tape, got kicked out of a record company A&R office for laughing at Eddie Money, and upon first hearing Talking Heads '77 said, "Will you please turn that damned noise off?"

So now that we've all got a firm lock on my level of musical aptitude, the contestants are:

Astrosmith, Suddenly Icee: Cute, clever, and your lyrics really fit the original melody well, but with so many other people submitting new work this time, I just can't give it to a recycled entry. Thanks for sharing it, though.

Henry, This Year's Election: you're right; you get off to a good start and you've got some good topical ideas, but it peters out after two verses. Better luck next time.

Snowdog, Down Under: this one I could hear as I read it, and I'd really like to see this one produced. Very good, very topical, with a political edge I really like. I could definitely see this one being used as break music on one of the angrier talk radio shows.

WaterBoy, "Reasons for the Gun" Part 1 & Part 2: now this one, on the other hand, put a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat, because it touched on a subject so near and dear to my heart, and I think if it was decently recorded we could get it on Cam Edwards' show. Seriously. Well, semi-seriously, anyway. Maybe.

Which leaves us with KTown and Vidad. Tough choice. KTown's YouTube of Naked Dance (lyrics here) cracked us up, and upon sober reflection made us greatly relieved that it was an audio-only track, but then we played Vidad's YouTube of Moronic (lyrics here), and we were laughing and gasping for air for four minutes straight. It's hard to believe the man who could sing that song could also father children, but Rachel assures us it's true, so in the end we could only admire the talent required to not only write an entertaining parody but then to dub it over the original music video and get the lip movements to sync up!

Ergo, Vidad, you win. Come on down and claim your prize!

Now, don't forget that this week's Friday Challenge (which is nominally the 5/30 challenge, but was actually announced on 5/23) is to write a short piece about that hot new televised talent competition everyone is talking about, American Idolator! You know, the show where representatives of 16 cults and sects face off before a live audience to compete for the honor of being named this year's One True Faith?!

Beyond that, the topic is wide open. Tell us the story you want to tell. Dish the dirt on the off-camera squabbling between the celebrity judges. Give us a peek at the auditions of some of the faiths that didn't make it. Explain why the show, although it was scheduled for a 16-week run, came to an abrupt and tragic end in episode 12 when the ironically named Final Four were announced.

As always, we're playing for whatever is behind Door #2, and the deadline for entries is midnight Central time, Thursday, 06/05/08.