Thursday, August 07, 2008

More Catching Up

Those of you who read and commented on Violence: Some Very Ugly Truths and Violence: An Update will be relieved to know that the 41-year-old father who was the victim in this incident has been released from the hospital and is now recuperating at home. True, he is also now blind in one eye and will probably require facial reconstruction surgery, but at least he seems to have sustained no permanent brain damage. Charges against the six adults arrested in this case have been upgraded to first-degree assault, which I'm sure means something significant to someone — most likely to the D.A., in that it gives him more room to plea-bargain — while the status of the charges against the juvenile arrested in this case remain undisclosed and an eighth suspect is still at large.

Meanwhile, over in St. Paul, a spokesperson for some government office or another reported that as long as you are not a young Asian male wearing a red t-shirt, there is no reason to fear walking in Lake Phalen park and an extremely low probability that you will be attacked with baseball bats by gangs of young Asian males wearing blue t-shirts. While this does not quite seem to jibe with the recent experience of a middle-aged white woman who was beaten to a bloody pulp in Lake Phalen park last Friday by three young Asian males wielding baseball bats, a story printed in the 8/7/08 St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that:
A 17-year-old taking a walk around St. Paul's Lake Phalen on Monday was confronted by gang members who shouted at him and his wife, "Who you bang with?" and "Are you (a) Blood?" The teen repeatedly told the group he wasn't in a gang, but they assaulted him and his 18-year-old wife with a baseball bat—
No, wait, that wasn't the paragraph I meant to quote. How about:
Wang Moua Vue, 16, told police that he was with members of the Asian Crips gang and that they had come to Lake Phalen to look for a "guy in the red shirt" they had previously assaulted. At the lake, they saw a different person wearing red and chased the unknown male.

Saddam Chex Vang, 17, told police he was an active member of the Asian Crips and —
Saddam Vang? Saddam Chex Vang?