Monday, August 11, 2008

Thanks for asking

Mike Maier writes:
I'm finally getting around to reading the Acrobat copy of Cyberpunk I d/l'd [~brb: translation, "downloaded"] probably three years ago. Oddly, I noted on page 44 there's some sort of — artifact? — on the bottom half of the page. Seems like a weblink or something else that doesn't work but is there to be clicked on. Just thought you might want to take a quick look at it. And I just re-d/l'd it to make sure whatever it is wasn't removed in later revisions.

BTW, I'm very much enjoying Cyberpunk, but is there ANY means by which to buy a print copy? Amazon and eBay come up empty.
First off, thanks for the bug report. That, my friend, is a relic from the days of slow dial-up modems. Back when I first put a PDF of CP out on my original website, thirteen or fourteen years ago (Good grief? Has it really been that long?), I had to break the book up into a series of smaller chunks in order to make downloading it over a 9600-baud modem tolerable. The weblink you found is the relative link to the next PDF file in the sequence. Old data; pay it no mind. Since nearly everyone is on some form of broadband now and CP is now distributed as one monolithic file, the chunk file the link pointed to is long gone, and attempting to click the link returns an error 404. If I ever get around to re-gen'ing the Cyberpunk PDF, I'll delete the link.

But, at this point we tie into the answer to your second question. Right now there is no way — at least, there'd better be no way — to buy a print copy, as the book was never legally released in print form. However, within a few months that will be changing, as Rampant Loon Press is bringing out a print edition of Cyberpunk.

Sorry, no, what Rampant Loon actually will be publishing is Cyberpunk, and Cyberpunk Revisited, which combines the original novel and a rather longish non-fiction essay that tries to put the novel into historical context and answer all the many, many, many questions that have been asked about it in the past 25+ years.

Hey. It worked for Huxley.

As for why the book isn't available now: that ties into a discussion of the whole genesis of and business model employed by Rampant Loon Press, as well as a number of valuable Observations Made and Lessons Learned in the past year. But as usual, I'm out of time to explain.

Must dash, more to follow,