Monday, September 01, 2008


...and we're back. I didn't actually intend to spend five days in a total electronic media blackout, but the pleasant little Internet cafe in the nearest town is no more and we only managed to find one other wi-fi hotspot the entire time. However, we did have the incredibly good fortune to find the Home of Snowshoe Baseball —

Lake Tomahawk

As well as this amazing adventure in fine roadside dining —

Hoggie Doggies

I'm also pleased to report that Spaceball One got much better mileage than expected, provided I remembered to stick to the speed limit and use the cruise control whenever possible. I must confess to being surprised at discovering it has a 42 gallon fuel tank, though. In the time I've owned it, I guess I've never actually completely filled 'er up before.

All in all, though, we had five days of badly needed detachment and fun, and I've returned with loads of interesting new thoughts about writing which I look forward to sharing —

Tomorrow. After I've had a long, long, long shower that uses up all the hot water. And some serious sleep in a real bed.

One question before I go, though. I also came back with loads of photos, some of which seem worth sharing. For example:

Up, up, and Away!

Does anyone here use a photo sharing site regularly, or have any experience that leads them to believe one is any better than another?

Thanks and g'night,