Friday, October 24, 2008

Henry and Vidad are Revolting!


In case you've missed it, Henry and Vidad have staged a successful palace revolution and seized control of The Curse of the Were-Weasel.

As outgoing Benevolent Dictator of that site, I heartily approve of this change in leadership and recommend that you all visit The Curse of the Were-Weasel to show your support for Henry and Vidad. They're writing some really good stuff. It's definitely well worth a click.

As for me, never fear, my dear comrades. Your beloved former El Presidente shall be quite content to set aside the burden he has so long borne for you, the little people, and sit quietly on the beach in his humble island home of exile, alternately puffing on a fat Cuban cigar and taking sips from a tall drink made with much pineapple and Meyer's dark rum while Nastassja Kinski rubs Bain de Soleil on his weary shoulders. He will neither form a government-in-exile nor indulge in counter-revolutionary plotting; rather, he applauds the boldness and daring of the young men who are carrying forward the endless work of la revoluciĆ³n tonta.

Saludo! Viva Henry! Viva Vidad! Viva la WCA!

(Oh, and Nastassja, darling, my drink is most nearly empty. Otros, por favor?)