Wednesday, August 17, 2005

An Internet Distribution Model (continued)

There's an interesting article on the NY Times web site today. It's specifically about the emerging presence of online comics, but there's a paragraph towards the end that seems germane to us folks:
Which brings up another problem with Web comics: how to make money. Some Web artists have solved it by entering into a sort-of online syndication by which the viewer has to subscribe to the service to see the comic. Others have solved it by asking each viewer to make what Mr. McCloud called a "micropayment" of, say, 25 cents an installment. And still other artists just don't make any money at all. They're always begging for funds through PayPal.

It might be interesting for someone with more spare time than I have to go browsing about the various comic sites mentioned in this article, looking at how they're managing the subscription and syndication business.