Thursday, April 20, 2006

...featuring Dick Dale and at least two Original Del Tones!

They've announced the music lineup for this summer's Taste of Minnesota festival, and I must admit I'm kinda shaking my head. The list of featured acts includes:

Alice Cooper
The Hollies
Herman's Hermits
Savoy Brown
Gary "Dream Weaver" Wright
Davy Jones (from The Monkees)
Al Jardine (from The Beach Boys)
Marty Balin (from Jefferson Starship)
Roger Hodgson (from Supertramp)
David Cassidy (from The Partridge Family)
John Ford Coley (without England Dan)
Robbie Vee (Bobby Vee's son)
Luke Zimmerman (Bob Dylan's nephew)
Transit Authority (a Chicago tribute band)
Rubber Soul (a Beatles tribute band)
Tumblin' Dice (a Rolling Stones tribute band)
E.L.No (an Electric Light Orchestra tribute band)
...and many, many more!

While I question whether the world really needs an E.L.O. tribute band, and it's really kind of pathetic when you have to bill yourself by the band you used to belong to or adopt your one hit single as your nickname (which is why I still resist various people's efforts to christen me Bruce "Cyberpunk" Bethke), when we work our way down the list to Bob Dylan's nephew -- Bob Dylan's nephew?!?!?!

Still, the lineup does bring a small but nostalgic smile to my face. I remember this one time back in '77, when Dr. John, Gary Shea, and I went to see Supertramp in St. Paul. Dr. John had brought along a quart of hard liquor -- Jose Cuervo Gold, I think -- to get in the concert mood, but when he saw that they were confiscating glass bottles at the door he chugged the entire thing while standing in line. The natural result of this action was that while he made it through the warmup act's set okay, about two or three songs into Supertramp's show he put on the most spectacular display of projectile vomiting I have ever seen...

How about you? What's your best music-related embarasssing behavior story that you can still tell in public?