Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ripped from the Headlines!

Okay, the Friday Challenge arrived on Thursday this week. (Actually, it arrived on Tuesday, but this is the first chance I've had to post about it.) As you've probably been unable to escape knowing, NASA astronaut and Navy captain Lisa Nowak was arrested in Florida this week, and charged with attempting to abduct and murder Capt. Colleen Shipman, who apparently was Nowak's rival for the romantic attentions of fellow NASA astronaut and Navy commander William Oefelein.

Yeah, sure. That's the official story.

But c'mon, people, these are astronauts we're talking about! They've flown on the space shuttle! They've spent time on the international space station! There must be some much-better sci-fi explanation for this whole weird and pathetic turn of events!

So that's today's challenge: look at this news story, and ask yourself, What Would Philip K. Dick Do? Was Nowak actually possessed by a malevolent alien energy life entity? Not even really Nowak, but an evil clone, and the real Nowak is still being held prisoner on the alien mothership? Or is Nowak actually the hero of this piece, who stumbled onto the awful truth about the alien who is posing as Oefelein, and was she trying to capture Shipman unharmed in order to make her spill the beans and unravel the whole sinister conspiracy?

Or — waitaminnit. Astronauts? Space Station? Searing wave of mysterious solar radiation? Could it be? Is she actually — gasp!Depression Girl?!?!

The apparent truth is so lame. Let's have some fun with this one, folks.