Monday, March 10, 2008

And the winner is...

Wow, that was an unforgettable weekend, although with luck and electroshock I just might manage it. Apologies to all for the long delay in announcing a winner in last week's Friday Challenge, but real life intruded. Big time.

Even to the extent of making this post just a very brief announcement that — well, first I want to express my pride in you folks. The entries in last week's challenge were so good that even the celebrity judges I roped into judging who graciously volunteered to judge this contest couldn't agree on a clear winner. Ergo, in the end it was up to me, and I hereby declare kremben the victor, with Honorable Mention to Rigel Kent. Kremben and Rigel Kent, come on down to claim your prizes!

Further discussion of the entries — and some proposed changes to the rules that I now think I need to make — will follow shortly, but not tonight.