Thursday, August 18, 2005

Some Proposed Topics

Okay folks, here are the writerly things that have been on my mind lately. What would you be most interested in discussing next?

0. ZZTop asked for a discussion of the differences between writing prose and scripts. For the last few weeks I've felt like an out of work actor, schlepping around a couple of scripts in my briefcase and working on this idea in my spare time. Is there any rush to get the results posted here or should I finish developing my thesis?

1. I just finished re-reading H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds for the umpteenth time. In terms of the things that are taught as being good writing technique, Wells does just about everything wrong in this book. Why then is it a classic that has endured for 110 years and keeps getting made and remade into movies?

2. I recently re-read Tom Clancy's Hunt for Red October. What makes this book so different from all of Clancy's subsequent work, and why does it work so well?

3. I not-so-recently read Ken Follett's big fat mainstream blockbuster, Lie Down With Lions, which I really, thoroughly, hated. Is anyone interested in why?

4. Speaking now as a lifelong hunter and the Vice-President and Operations Manager of the Oakdale Gun Club, I really hate it when people who know nothing about firearms insist on writing them into their stories. Is anyone else interested in a discussion on the order of "Guns for Writers?"

Let me know,